Game Shows Coming Soon

“Who Wants to Be an Essential Worker?”

COVID Survivor
Contestants compete in a series of seemingly mundane challenges (going to the grocery store, eating outside) while trying to avoid getting COVID

Who Wants to Be an Essential Worker?
Contestants win various sanitation products by answering questions about the day-to-day lives of essential workers

The Amazing Race to a Vaccine
A special behind the scenes look at companies as they race to be the first to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine

The Price is Not Right
Contestants guess the prices of healthcare-related things such as flu shots or emergency room visits

Wheel of Misfortune
Contestants win prizes by solving hidden phrases relating to the events of 2020

The Masked Singer
Contestants sing while wearing N95 masks

Cough Cab
Contestants must answer increasingly difficult questions as the driver, who’s only wearing a mask over their mouth, coughs uncontrollably

The Bachelor’s Doctor
Doctors compete for a chance to be The Bachelor’s primary care physician

Whose Wine Is It Anyway?
Contestants take turns trying to pair celebrities with their wine of choice

America’s Got COVID
Contestants compete to show off their talents despite having COVID-19

Supermarket Sweep
Contestants compete to see who can clean their local supermarket the most thoroughly

The Newlydead Game
Contestants answer questions about the rising COVID death count

Are You Smarter Than a Government Official?
Contestants put their knowledge to the test by going head-to-head against government officials (winners receive money toward student debt)

Jon Savitt is a writer and comedian featured in outlets including Funny or Die, College Humor, Washington Post, MTV News and more. Find him on Twitter @savittj.

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